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focusing on women in service professions


Erica Spiegelman

Erica Spiegelman is an author, addiction and wellness specialist, and motivational speaker who works with individuals, couples, and families on personal growth and overall wellness. Erica provides a holistic approach to helping people overcome their struggles with addictions and dependency and gives them the tools they need to create healthy lives for themselves.


In April 2015, Hatherleigh Press published Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction & Recovery, which offers a completely new treatment modality focused on how individuals can rewire their brains, change their behavior, and bring about positive change in their lives. Praised by experts in the field, Rewired debuted as Amazon’s number one new release among drug and alcohol addiction books. 


She will facilitate and lead a workshop of practical strategies to increase self-care, build resilience, and develop emotional awareness for woman in service professions.

Erica is a regular contributor to online health outlets, TV news shows, and podcasts. She also conducts professional development workshops on health and wellness, and most recently delivered a series on self-care for Salesforce in the US and Canada.



Angelina Rangel

Founder and Owner of Grams for Grams Entertainment (music therapy for residential care centers), featured in articles in Shoutout LA, and Voyage LA Magazines.  Professional Actress, acting in numerous TV shows, commercials, and on stage productions.  


Angelina brings her personal journey of pursuing an professional acting career, to crossing over her talents to serving seniors in residential care facilities, and resetting her education goals to serving others in the mental health field. She will share in this retreat her "House of Emotions", workshop that dives into recognizing our subconscious emotions that may be inhibiting women in serving professions, that cross over and affect their personal lives. 


Julia Zamboni

Julia brings her passion for personal transformation, starting with physical fitness, while reaching into the inner emotional conflicts women often struggle with when approaching physical fitness.

Her clients range from ages 8 to 80.  She will share in this retreat, how to approach physical fitness, and nutritional awareness, where it becomes a part of everyday life, rather than having to think, "we don't have enough time for that '' mentality.  

Tom Pic_edited_edited.png
Tom Pic_edited_edited_edited.png

Thomas Datro, Ed.D

Tom has spent 20 years serving and protecting the people of Los Angeles as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department.  In his most recent role Tom has created and implemented training and education programs that focused on improving the police profession. 


Areas of expertise include: peak performance, recovery, impact of chronic sleep deprivation, procedural justice, bias, diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, critical thinking, decision-making, organizational change, and community relations.



Robin Circo, WHNP-BC

Robin Circo is a Nurse Practitioner for Women's Health.  She brings her in-depth knowledge and everyday experiences, in the latest concerns and health issues specifically concerning women's health. 


She navigates through the complexity of the health of women, along with the emotional and hormonal changes that effect the ultimate care that is often neglected, which is self-care.  She will share in this retreat the clinical influence of how we care for ourselves, which overall affects the way women work, love, and live.


Vanessa Ricchiazzi, LVN

As a nurse, and being in a 'serving profession', I've lived my life more often than not enmeshing my personal life and my professional life, that looking back, where I wish I could go back and give advice to myself.  That advice would be about self-care and valuable time, which should be focused on myself and those that mean the most to me,  Yet, we all have bills to pay, responsibilities that take us away, from what matters to our hearts most, and we go through life justifying ourselves that our careers take priority in the moment.


The careers which involve constantly serving others, rather than ourselves, and most often than not, the Best of the Best Nurses, Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, Ministers, and etc, get burned out.  Thus why more than ever, we see the shortages of these professions everywhere since COVID, as it hit the reset button for many women, realizing these professions were not fulfilling the ultimate goal of work life balance.  This Retreat is for those women to be served for 3 days and leave with a rejuvenated heart, and living with an everyday sense of fulfillment and strength to serve others, without forgetting to serve ourselves.  I hope this Retreat will Transform women who serve for a living and re-spark why they were called to serve others in the first place.   I will share in this retreat, the Spiritual aspect involved in serving others, and how the human spirit gets depleted as well as the physical, from my personal and professional experiences that have transformed my life and my passion to continue to serve others for a living.  


Please join my daughters and I in this "Family" Retreat, and become part of our Family, in serving others for a living. 

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